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He-ART-istic Journeys: Transformative Experiential Learning through Applied Theatre

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Reflections on Mirror Theatre's Influence

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Dramatizing and Workshopping the Data

Norris, J., Ganesh, N., Hobbs, K. & Metz, M. M. (2022). Dramatizing and Workshopping the Data: Applied Theatre as Dialogic Research In N. Denzin and M. Giardina (Eds.), Transformative Visions in Qualitative Inquiry. Routledge.

Towards Humane Encounters in Education and Professional Development

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Mirror Theatre’s Story of “For/With” Relationships

Norris, J. (2022). They Come and Ask Us to Build It: Mirror Theatre’s Story of “For/With” Relationships with Stakeholders. In P. Leavy (Ed.), Scholarly Research: Working with Nonacademic Stakeholders, Teams, and Communities (pp. 204-259). New York: Oxford University Press.



Mirror Theatre's (Re)Productions

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Bullying and Anger Management

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Safe and Caring Schools

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Heating Up Online Learning

Norris, J., & Saudelli, M. (2018). Heating Up Online Learning: Insights from a Collaboration Employing Arts Based Research/Pedagogy for an Adult Education, Online, Community Outreach Undergraduate Course. Social Sciences, 7(7), 104.

Mirror Theatre’s Stop/Start/Continue Evolution

Norris, J. (2020). Shifting perspectives and practices: Mirror Theatre’s stop/start/continue evolution. Canadian Theatre Review.181, Winter, 56-60.


Mirror Theatre Inreach/Outreach

Norris, J. (2015). Mirror Theatre: Blurring the lines between curricular/extracurricular, campus/community and outreach/inreach within teacher education and dramatic arts programs. In M. Carter, M. Prendergast & G. Belliveau (Eds.), Drama and Theatre Education: Canadian Perspectives (pp. 134-141). Ottawa: Canadian Association for Teacher Education/Canadian Society for the Study of Education, Polygraph Book Series.