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When we think of hospitals and the operating room, most of us are thinking about getting our loved ones or ourselves checked In and Out quickly so that we all may feel better. Outside In examines the lives of nurses, patients and families, looking at life in the hospital from multiple perspectives Outside in was a directed studies project researched and co-written written by students Brock University under the supervision of Joe Norris.


Kanthan Annalingham, Jessica Dehoog, Stefanie LePine, Bailey MacLachlan, Sarah Mason, Ryan Murray, Kendra Neaves, Tanya Smith, Erin Weitendorff, Callie Wright


Stephanie LePine


Kanthan Annalingham, Troy Brooks, Julianna Cronk, Stefanie LePine, Gladys Lo, Bailey MacLachlan, Hayley Malouin, Sarah Mason, Rachel Mervin, Katy Milligan-Arsenault, Ryan Murray, Joe Norris, Adrienne Smoke, Nicole Titus, Callie Wright


Scene 1 - People Not Objects

Training #1 - Won't Last

Scene 3 - Bad Timing

Scene 4 - In the Way

Training #2

Scene 6 - Lunchroom Politics

Scene 7 - Taking Shifts

Training #3

Scene 9 - The Ward

Scene 10 - Disconnected