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4.321 is an arts-based performance/workshop written by the 2011/12 students of DART 3F77. These vignettes were performed and workshopped for Brock University’s Centre for Pedagogical Innovation (CPI). Acknowledgement: Giulia Forsythe (CPI) drew a poster after viewing the performance. It serves as the opening cover for this page.


April Bartley, Carwyn Bassett, Mary Code, Larissa Evans, Linda Faddoul, Hayley Faryna, Martine Fleming, Lauren Hudson, Gisele Kotarski, Alexa Leal, Janet Matic, Meaghan McKeag, Mitchell Paisley, Alana Perri, Ariella Pileggi, Maddie Roesler, Megan Svajlenko, Monica Taylor, Erin Weitendorf


Joe Norris


Scene 1 – The Dance Judge

There are many reality shows where judges and audiences determine who stays and who advances. Not all agree. Should they? What criteria do they use? Can there be a common standard? Should there be? (Artistic merit, automotive safety?)

Scene 2 – Q Bar

How many things do you rate in your daily lives? Stars for movies? Restaurant meals, people?

Scene 3 – Grading Girls

All of us are in the lenses of others? How does it feel to be judged? Who judges the judges? How do we teach/learn to detect implicit biases?

Scene 4 – Top Intelligence

What abilities are valued in schools? What are not? What are core and optional subjects? Why? What intelligences do tests/assignments value/ignore?

Scene 5 - Quickie Speed Dating

If you were to define yourself, what would you, wouldn’t you say? To whom? Does not assessment reveal as much about the evaluator as it does about the person being evaluated? Is not life about being in a series of acceptances and rejections from both sides? What/who have you rejected lately?

Scene 6 - Real Estate

What societal factors influence what does/doesn’t take place in schools? What is the purpose of schooling? What ideologies underpin educational decisions? Explore the concept on neoliberalism.

Scene 7 - Boy Energy

Scene 8 – Who’s the teacher

Scene 9 – Q Classroom

Scene 10 – Relationship 1

Scene 11 – Q Sex

Scene 12 – Perfect Sentence

Scene 13 – Voice Collage

Scene 14 – Excuses/Accommodations

Scene 15 – Seminars

Scene 16 – Q Steak

Scene 17 -Relationship 2

Scene 18 – Course Evaluations 1

Scene 19 Q Car Insurance

Scene 20 - Merit Pay

Scene 21 – Course Evaluations 2

Scene 22 - I Wish You Knew