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Commissioned by Student Health Services, Brock University, these scenes depict a number of issues that relate to mental health. Rather than providing prescrpitive instructions, they are meant to initiate conversations about the complexity of the phenomenon.  We recognize that our audiences will also find other issues upon which to focus. What are yours? Directed by Joe Norris and filmed and edited by Brad McDonald.


Lindsey Abrams, Gemma Bordonaro, Yasmeen Concepcion, Aaron Drake, Max Hunter, Dylan Johnston, Jennifer McCormack, Mike Metz, Jaqui Noel, Joe Norris, Sarah Patrick, Abbey Rollo, Demetri Tsioros, Lucas Van

Reasons Not…

What inner thoughts prevent people for seeking help when the are considering it?

Reasons To…

What inner thoughts enable people for seeking help when the are considering it?

Reason Not; Reason To.

Like Hamlet, may of us debate reasons to do or not to do. Like the previous two vignettes, can you expand on the pros and cons of seeking professional help?

How to Get to Student Health Services (Harrison Hall)

What inner thoughts enable people for seeking help when the are considering it?

How to Get to Counselling Services 4th Floor Schmon Tower


I’m Fine???

Are we ever really fine or do we always live with some degree or ‘dis’ease? To what degree are we willing to disclose, even if people who seem to really care?

Everyone Could Use a… (Metaphoric Variation 1)

These next four vignettes metaphorically explore ho one could support and/or be support throughout one’s life. What others could you add?

Everyone Could Use a… (Metaphoric Variation 2)

Everyone Could Use a… (Metaphoric Variation 3)

Everyone Could Use a… (Metaphoric Variation 4)

What Stresses You Out?

Disclosure is always problematic. What degree of superficiality and significance do you disclose and with whom? How can this contribute to your mental well being?

When Ready (Variation 1)

The next seven vignettes explore variations on how one might offer and/or receive assistance from acquaintances. What is your attitude about giving/receiving help?
Could encouragement be considered bullying by the receiver?

When Ready (Variation 2)

Is help always necessary or sometimes an interference? When do someone need his/her own space?
Can procrastination lead to stress?

When Ready (Variation 3)

Some hide their ‘scars’ in embarrassment?  What are the pros and cons of this for the individual/community?

When Ready (Variation 4)

How easy is it to ignore those that reach out? What strategies can one use to move from the inertia of rest?

When Ready (Variation 5)

How do age and power differences influence the offering and receiving of help? What other factors could also be influential?

When Ready (Variation 6)

What are respectful ways of expressing concerns to peers about their well being?

When Ready (Variation 7)

In what ways can we overstep our offers to help?

Decisions… Decisions…

We make a number of decisions daily that can have a positive positive or negative impact on ours lives. What do you think about the decisions that these characters made?