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Response Abilities

Response Abilities: Performing Arts-based Research with Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Martin Luther King
At first, we conducted personal meditative walks through the monuments…


Arts-based researchers mediate their world through images gestures, sounds and words. They have the ability to respond to their environments with an inquiring mind and generate works of that extend our understandings of the world. In keeping with the American Educational Research Association’s conference goal “to highlight the interplay of research, politics, and social analysis” scholars from the Arts and Inquiry in the Visual and Performing Arts in Education and/or the Arts-based Educational Research SIGs assembled April 9, 2016 at the Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) and Martin Luther King (MLK) monuments to create evocative responses. Rather than arriving overly prepared, they responded to a particular element and invited those in attendance, including the public, to participate in this four-hour videotaped event.

We then presented for/with each other and the general public…


Kimberly Powell, Kakali Bhattacharya, Meaghan Cochrane


Aaron Bodle, DJ Loveless, Shyamaa Alsaadoon

Dan Barney, Nadine Kalin

Celeste Snowber, Mary Beth Cancienne

Celeste Snowber, Mary Beth Cancienne

Dan Harris

Kerr Mesner

Barbara Bickel

Susan Gerofsky

Mary Beth Cancienne, Celeste Snowber

Long Trailer

Joe Norris

Short Trailer