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Kathryn Ricketts

Lug is a longstanding character created by Kathryn Ricketts.


Music (with permission) by Oliver Schroer

Lug Log 1 – Trilogy to Angel

(In)valid – thrown into space (In)valid within, strength of soul Seeping out An opening with the map The hat coming off – the hat calling me back Back to belonging – to being The three lined up as a sequence of resolution The absolute surprise and delight to call me into lightness – to absolute vulnerability Vaporous sweet solution – waking/waking from sequences of habituation to spiritual calm.

Lug Log 2 – From Vogue to Curb

My entry, stomping harshly on the coat forcing a disrobing I entered into skid row Vogue Not quite right I haven’t had a shower in 2 weeks. But “How do I look?” The play with glamor deconstructed moved into farewell of self waving to a city and yet waving to my reflection in the window. The suitcase placed on my head, the hat on the suitcase….upside down One hand in space asking What? Why? How? I am so far away from who I am – my world is upside down My hat falls – I let my suitcase fall My life falls I sit dejected on the only place I know – my suitcase I return illogically, resolutely to my hat but my hand extends in yearning to a world beyond.

Lug Log 3 – Transformation into Love

My head in the suitcase, I became other – so far removed. I am reminded of love Deep within How could I have forgotten? So, so, so sad……

Lug Takes Chicago

Kathryn Ricketts brings LUG to Chicago while at the 2015 American Educational Research Association’s Annual Meeting (Recorded by Marni Binder.) A small crowd of arts-based researchers gathered for this impromptu event and the passers-by, with umbrellas, were a bonus.